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Amara Wellness Center is a premier servicer of integrative solutions that focus on wellness and health promotion. Our practitioners are highly qualified professionals, and take a holistic approach to treat the whole person- taking into account mental, emotional, spiritual, psych-social and environmental factors, rather than only focusing on the physical symptoms of an illness. With our care, we help individuals and families achieve and maintain optimal health.

At Amara Wellness Center, we believe that good health can be improved and achieved by being aware of diet, nutrition, stress management and emotional wellbeing. Our mission is to provide a peaceful atmosphere supportive to individual growth, personal empowerment, health education, and healing of body, mind and spirit.

Our wellness centers in San Diego offer a variety of holistic services. We have assembled expert practitioners skilled in massage, acupuncture, nutrition counseling, skin care, counseling, energy therapies and much more. As a team, we hope that you have an amazing life-transforming experience with us and that the increase in happiness and health brings you peace and serenity.

Amara Wellness Center was founded in 2010 by Bonnie Bertano. Her inspiration came from her firsthand experience of the effects of conventional medicine and it's limitations. She researched alternative health care options for her "incurable" health conditions and with the support of qualified professionals, found true healing and positive, permanent changes. Since our beginnings, a number of gifted practitioners have joined our group and continue to provide holistic healing services to the community.






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